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Dream Spirit Dancer was created to bring people together on the three most important aspects of our lives, Home, Health, and Nature.  If we all get back to the basics of family with a happy healthy home, then our respect and care of nature will come automatically. We can not survive if we abuse and destroy nature.  As the years go by, and the technology grows you can see how these changes impact our lives for the good, and sometimes the bad.

Having access to the internet for example opens up the whole world to us in many wonderful ways.  But, it can also make for a distraction and if not monitored an unsafe environment for kids and adults which can potentially break family together times, such as playing board games or outdoor activities.  Quality time together as a family is a structure that kids seem to thrive in, and will remember most if not all of those times. This structure is what they will remember as their home.  The whole family being and doing things together.  Even if they were fighting with their siblings.

In today's world there are a lot of people sick with many different diseases.  Some children lose a parent or sibling to one of these diseases, and others have it themsleves or someone in their family is chronically or terminally ill.  For as much technology and advancements we have made, it just seems odd that our health has not seemed to improve, but rather decline.  Ask an elderly person, and they will say they never heard of so many people getting so sick, as they do today.  So what is it exactly that is causing this?  Is it one thing, or a million things, and what can we do about it.  On this website we explore that very thing. We research the world for all the new information about natural herbs that have been discovered to heal this that and the other illness.  We watch for all the alerts on products, foods, chemicals, and drugs that we use and we are loading all this information into our database daily, and making it available to you.  We want to help as many people as possible to get and stay healthy with the information we have. 

When you walk outside to get into your car, work in your yard, walk the dog, get the paper, or just sit on your porch, you want to feel that the air you are breathing is clean right?  What about the rain that falls?  You think that it's clean and good for the environment.  Then as it works its way down into the water table we drink from, it is only picking up the good elements that benefit us.  This is only how it used to be, not how it is now.  What can one person or a group of people do to get our environment back to nature.  The real nature, not the manmade.  If we all start with just simple things, we can and will change our future for the better.  Our goals are to provide this website as the vehicle to fly into a brighter future.  You will see information, petitions, and even gatherings that you can get involved in to change things for the better. Nature was wonderful without us, and it needs to stay that way. We should only be an enhancement to this world, not the destructive force that we have been.  

I don't believe that we as individuals want a solitary life, want illness in our families and friends, or want to destroy our world.  I do believe that many of the big corporations are at the head of ruining our world with their greedy search for the almighty dollar.  Don't misunderstand, everyone wants to lead a comfortable life without struggling financially, but we can do that without poisoning each other or the environment.  All we need is the information to make the best choices, and the desire to make the corporations of the world who obviously aren't worried about our future to be accountable for their actions.  I am not talking about law suits either; very simply don't buy what they are selling.  Without sales, they can not survive.   We have a voice, and it is strong.  We hope you enjoy this site, and please leave a comment or suggestion from our home page, contact page, or from most any of the pages where a comment here button is showing.  We would love to hear from you.