Swarovski Clear Crystal Prism

Swarovski Clear Crystal Prism 30mm

Size: 30mm

Swarovski Crystal is the finest quality, full-lead crystal made today. Full-lead crystal must contain 30% or above lead oxide (PbO) content to be considered full lead crystal. Swarovski crystal contains approximately 32% PbO making each crystal and prism optically very pure and producing a luster and clarity like no other.

For over 100 years, Swarovski (pronounced: Swore Off Ski, and named for Daniel Swarovski; the company’s pioneer, inventor, and founder), has been able to produce their crystals and prisms using precise optical techniques that no competitor can duplicate even today. The company has been privately-owned since its beginning, and so are the machines inside which transform small blocks of 32% leaded crystal into the world's best prisms. Each prism machine is a unique, one-of-a kind piece of equipment designed exclusively for crystal-cutting, and each is highly-guarded to ensure it remains confidential.