Wood and Fimo Box with Pentacle Design
Wood and Fimo Box with Pentacle Design

Height:2 Inches
Width: 5 Inches
Depth: 3.5 Inches
Unit: Each
Made in Peru

An ornate purple Pentacle adorns the lid of this antiqued wood and fimo box. The sides have been sculpted in a repeating pattern of golden leaves with semi-precious stones in the center. This is a truly enchanting box perfect for jewelry, amulets, herbs and small keepsakes.

Symbol    The pentacle is a symbol of protection. Most religions on Earth attribute special powers to the number 5, which represents the human body; 5 senses, 5 oriental elements, 5 pillars of Islam etc. There are also 5 virtues; Love, Wisdom, Truth, Kindness, Justice. It is in the efforts we make to manifest these 5 virtues that the Divine protection usually attributed to the pentacle becomes effective.