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You'll find pictures out on the internet that you just don't know if they are real, partially real then photoshopped, or just down right fake, completely created.

Well, here is one that is actually real, not photoshopped, not adjusted in anyway, and if anyone has any information about what they see here, please let us know.  We would love to hear from you.  

This picture was taken of my niece April.  She received a new digital camera for Christmas, and her friend took the picture as April was just sitting and talking to her.  When April looked at the picture, it wasn't until she enlarged it on her computer that she saw the detail of the full image as you see below.  She was pretty amazed to say the least.  Notice the star in the yellow lines?  Interesting for sure.

Is that her guardian angel or what?  Tell us what you think.  Remember, this is my niece, who has no reason to create such a photograph and was just as surprised to see it as we were.

Aprils Angel

Joy to everyone,
Colleen Sonntag

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