Lets Help Others Beat Cancer The simplest things can have a huge impact. See what some are doing for others, and how you can help. The Amazing Albino Hummingbird
Pictures captured by Marlin Shank in Staunton, VA. They are stunning, beautiful and heartfelt inspiring.
Angel On Your Shoulder... Well, A  Little Higher
This is most amazing, and many will say fake. Click here to see what I am talking about.
Can Supplements Slow Aging? That's the word right now anyway. A new study shows a Chinese plant may help keep DNA intact. The key.... Vinegar The Cure All
Drinking vinegar straight down is not an Olympic triumph.  Can you, should you, does it really cure anything?
Did America Get Fat?
Our country has the most food, and the most money, so are we just over indulging?  Actually we have the...
Genetic Evidence For ADHD?
New research from the University of Cardiff in the United Kingdom provides the first evidence that ADHD is genetic, and should be...
Gulf Coast Health Scare?
All you have to do is go to the workers, the residents and see for yourself the impact it has had. It is not a scare, but an ugly reality...
Organic Farming..... For Real?
I thought it was impossible for farmers to grow crops effectively, efficiently, and profitably without using chemicals. We've been fleeced..