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Nature is a beautiful thing isn't it?

The majestic mountains, the peaceful plains, the sparkling rivers, iridescent oceans, breath taking flowers, lush rolling hills,  gorgeous stately trees, and our awe inspiring animal kingdom.

At least that is what we want to always see.

Unfortunately, we have and are continuing to destroy our planet and inhabitants at a horrible rate.

Our job as an intelligent human being should be to do everything in our power to stop the destruction.

Many people say, what can I as one person do?

Well, to start with, you can recycle, you can use organic cleaning products, you can stop using pesticides on your lawn and garden, you can use organic laundry detergent, you can look into alternative energy sources (we have a great blog for that HERE), you can use recycled materials whenever possible.  The list actually goes on, but you get the picture I'm sure.

We strive to give you ways and information from house to animals to people on how to help make the natural environment stay and get back to what it should be.

We welcome any information you have that you would like us to feature on our site.

Please, help us help ourselves in this world.
Enjoy, and let us know what you think.  Your COMMENTS are always welcome.